Ronald Dela Cruz

UE4 C++ Game Developer
  • Melbourne, Australia
Where did you experience virtual reality for the first time?

When I was young at a mall – 80’s Virtuality device.

I’m an avid hiker and one of my dreams was to scale Everest – EverestVR got me interested in getting the Vive last year. Never looked back.

How do you make use of VR?

For work and the occasional game jam.

Which fields of application for virtual reality do you expect in the future?

Education, Travel and Social

What do you think will be the biggest opportunity and the biggest threat of VR?

Future generations can learn in an entirely immersive way. I’m really jealous actually to those that will be brought with this new medium available to them from the get-go. The biggest threat I feel is fragmentation of the industry due to greed.


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